The golf swing is a body motion, you have to first "feel" to understand. It is impossible to duplicate a correct golf swing when you haven't felt one before. Beginner, amateur and even novice golfers cannot identify with the verbal or visual golf instruction until they have "felt" the proper swing motion. The only way to learn a proper golf swing is by repeating the next to perfect motion until you learn how the perfect swing “feels.” You will actually have a distinct feeling in 10 swings or less with the Memory Swing guaranteed!

The Memory Swing adjusts by guiding the golf club along the proper swing plane for the individual’s unique height and body size. With the Memory Swing, you don’t even have to think about swinging the club, because it guides the club for you. This allows you to “feel” your perfect swing and repeat that feeling until you are able to duplicate it without the assistance of the Memory Swing. This is where your muscles memorize repetition with resistance, this is called muscle memory. 


“Perfect” Practice Makes Perfect

The old saying is "practice makes perfect" but what if you are practicing wrong? So the new saying should be "perfect practice makes perfect". 

The Memory Swing teaches a perfect transition from the top of the back swing to impact, and it WILL NOT allow you to practice swing mistakes that reinforce bad habits. The Memory Swing provides instant feedback for every correct and incorrect motion in your golf swing. 

For example, a typical mistake some golfers make is they swing their club over the top because they release their wrists too soon on the down swing to hit the ball, this is known as "casting".  If you make this bad motion in the Memory Swing, it will guide your club into the ground to give you instant feedback. 

The Memory Swing also allows you to develop a deep wrist cock or lag, this significantly improves club head speed, accuracy and distance. You can practice specific drills in the Memory Swing to help develop the motions that will improve your golf swing and your golf scores! Such as fixing outside in and inside out swing paths also known as slicing or hooking. On the other hand you can set the machine to teach you to draw or fade at will.

Feel The Perfect Golf Swing With The Memory Swing!

The Memory Swing bypasses conscious learning and changes to sub-conscious learning by programming the mind-body coordination. This is done through kenistetic feel and repetitive swing motion. It allows students to feel what the instructor tells them through muscle memory. When it comes to golf, it is very difficult to duplicate what you see or hear, but it is very easy to duplicate a motion you feel.


The Memory Swing works similar to the way a drawing compass guides a pencil to make a perfect circle. The same is true for The Memory Swing, a rigid shaft guides the golf club to travel on the same swing path everytime. Therefore, when you swing it, your body follows the same motion the guide shaft will allow.

The Memory Swing can be easily adjusted and customized for each golfer's body type. It is a fantastic golf training tool for juniors or beginners because they can enjoy perfect practice when they are beginning to play golf. This way they start learing golf with good habbits instead of bad ones.

The Memory Swing will make each practice session productive and will not reinforce bad swing habits. Every swing on the device teaches the student what is necessary to play better golf as their muscles memorize the perfect swing. Instead of making up their own swing from other sports they have learned, example racket ball, tennis and baseball.

Increased Power, Distance, Control and Balance!
The Memory swing strengthens the specific muscles needed to perform a correct golf swing resulting in increased power and distance, more control and consistency and better balance. The swing aide promotes proper tempo and clean and crisp ball striking. As an added bonus, if used often enough you can even lose weight and inches off your mid-section because of the constant rotation of your body at such high swing speed.

Learn the Art of Putting!
The Memory Swing is also capable of teaching the proper swing mechanics for putting and the proper swing plane that it takes to prevent pushing and pulling your putts. It keeps the body vertically aligned, eliminating swaying, dipping, sliding and reverse pivoting, relaxing joints and your lower back. It isolates golf muscles and through continued use, strengthens and conditions the entire body.

Save Thousands of Dollars
Don’t waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new equipment and gadgets that don’t work. New equipment will never fix your swing until you know the “feel” of the perfect swing – The Memory Swing!